Tax reform law costs company drivers per diem

February 26, 2019


LLN (2/25/19) – The tax reform law cost company drivers per diem, a valuable deduction that took thousands off their taxable incomes. Also, the attorney for trucker Dominic Oliveira discusses his victory at the Supreme Court over New Prime over arbitration. In addition, you need to consider the long-term effects hiring a driver will have on your trucking business. And a Colorado group is trying to overturn some hard won towing protections for truckers.

0:00-9:41 – Newscast

9:41-24:25 – Attorney in New Prime case

24:25-39:22 – Concerns when hiring a driver; per diem

39:22-49:08 – Towing protections

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Rather than accept arbitration of his claim against New Prime, trucker Dominic Oliveira took his case to the Supreme Court – and won. Mary McKenna and Land Line Magazine’s Mark Schremmer talk with his attorney, Jenner Bennett.

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Before you hire a driver, you need to consider the long-term effects that decision will have on your trucking business. Mary McKenna finds out what those might be from Trina McIntyre and Stacey Sanders of OOIDA’s Truck Insurance Department.

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Also, the tax reform bill passed in late 2017 did a lot of things – but among them was one that has created significant financial challenges for a particular group – employed company truck drivers. Mark Reddig gets the details from Jim Jefferson of OOIDA’s Business Assistance Department.

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A Colorado group is trying to overturn some hard won protections for truckers. And OOIDA has responded to the effort. Mark Reddig discusses the ins and outs with the OOIDA’s Manager of Government Affairs Mike Matousek.