Common leasing rule problems

January 24, 2019


LLN (1/23/19) – We’ll take a look at the most common problems that crop up concerning the federal leasing rules. Also, freight and rates continue to drop. Diesel prices drop for the 14th week. And a Georgia effort to ban trucks from state highways.

0:00 – 9:41 – Newscast

9:41 – 24:25 – Leasing rule problems

24:25 – 39:22 – Freight, rates crop; diesel price drops

39:22 – 49:10 – Georgia truck ban

Segment 1


  • If you were ever interested in motoring down the road in a 27-foot long hot dog on wheels, this might the chance of a lifetime. Oscar Mayer is now hiring drivers, also known as Hotdoggers, to pilot the famous Wienermobile. According to the Oscar Mayer website, six Wienermobiles cruise the country at any given time. The one-year position begins June of this year. You can apply online at
  • OOIDA has recognized Harry A. Fleck of Port Alleghany, Pa., for 16 years of safe, accident-free driving. Learn more about the OOIDA Safe Driving Award Program.

Segment 2

It’s often said that the federal leasing rules are rules, not the federal leasing options. Yet over time, dozens of motor carriers, large and small, have ignored them, with few outside of OOIDA ever holding them to account. Today and tomorrow, Terry Scruton takes a look at the top problems that crop up concerning those rules with Tom Crowley and Trevor Williams of OOIDA’s Compliance Department.

Segment 3

Freight and rates continue to drop as winter weather shakes things up. Terry Scruton talks with Mark Montague of DAT.

Also, diesel prices drop for the 14th week in a row as oil investors grasp at straws to keep prices afloat. Terry has our weekly update.

Segment 4

Three Georgia state lawmakers recently introduced a bill that would have banned trucks from state highways unless they were engaged in a delivery or pickup. And while the bill has been pulled, that may not be the end of the issue. We’ll hear from our state legislative expert, Keith Goble.