Citations: when to fight and when to give in

February 21, 2023


Should you try to fight a citation from a U.S. DOT inspection, or just pay the fine and move on? Plus, details on the SAP program and what do you do if you get caught in a double-brokering scam.


Today’s news: Truck driver arrested, detained without probable cause awarded $500,000

Plus, an investigation is underway after a deadly fuel truck crash in North Carolina, CVSA’s annual Human Trafficking Awareness campaign is now underway in Canada and more.

Fit’s Possible Trucking

In an effort to help truckers get healthier and happier, a woman in Alabama has created a fitness program.

Battle over Indiana split speed limit

A bill that would level the playing field for heavy trucks is on the move at the statehouse in Indianapolis, but it’s looking like an uphill battle.

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