Chao delivers news of hours-of-service reform at MATS

March 29, 2019


LLN (3/28/19) – Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao delivers news on hours-of-service reform at MATS. Boss Man Bryan Martin talks trendy mods and rat rods. Plus Mark Reddig catches up with Jon Osburn, and OOIDA’s Lewie Pugh and Mike Matousek discuss Elaine Chao’s first-ever visit to MATS

00:00 – 09:56 – Newscast

09:56 – 24:43 – Terry Scruton talks to Jay Grimes about what Secretary Chao might discuss at MATS.

24:43 – 39:38 – Six states consider lane-splitting for motorcycles. Mary talks to Keith Goble about that.

39:38 – 49:22 –Mark Reddig gets reaction on Secretary Chao from OOIDA’s Lewie Pugh and Mike Matousek

Segment 1


The FMCSA received two new hours of service exemption requests that were published today in the Federal Register. You have 30 days to comment on both exemption requests.

The 2019 Mid America Trucking Show continues through tomorrow. It got underway Thursday with an OOIDA Town Hall Meeting to talk trucking issues.

Segment 2

Mark Reddig and Barry Spillman talk trendy mods and rat rods with Bryan Martin with the Chrome Shop Mafia.

Segment 3

Mark catches up with Jon Osburn and the Spirit who are hanging out near the shot rucks at MATS.

Segment 4

And finally, Mark also talks to OOIDA’s Lewie Pugh and Mike Matousek about what the DOT’s secretary of transportation had to say on her first visit to MATS.