CDL training questions answered

January 25, 2022


Very soon, new entry level CDL training requirements will go into effect for the trucking industry. We’ll answer some common questions.

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I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

FMCSA’s pilot program for Under-21 drivers clears another hurdle. Fuel prices have reached their highest level since the fall of 2014. And a play about a perfect crime is derailed by a real crime.

II. New CDL training requirements start soon

Very soon, new requirements for entry level CDL training will go into effect for the trucking industry. And like every change over the past few years, it’s generating questions and concerns.

III. State fuel tax relief

Eight states are pursuing some form of fuel tax relief, in part due to increased federal highway money, but also because of state budget surpluses.

IV. Stalled spending bills hold up highway money

Despite passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law, the financial spigot out of the nation’s capital isn’t on yet, due to some basic legislation that Congress has yet to pass.

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