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CDL, hours-of-service orders extended

September 2, 2021


Land Line Now, Sept. 2, 2021.

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The FMCSA will allow states to extend CDLs through November, and it has extended its hours-of-service emergency declaration, with some changes.

CDL FMCSA waiver extension

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

Clearing up confusion about FMCSA’s latest exemption extension. Traffic deaths spike again despite fewer drivers. And when traveling with a block of raw chicken goes wrong.

II. CDL, hours-of-service orders extended

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will continue to allow states to extend CDLs through November – and it has extended its hours-of-service emergency declaration, with some changes.

III. Texas lawsuit protection is now law

A new rule taking effect soon in the state of Texas is designed to protect trucking operations from frivolous lawsuits, while three other states are opening the door for electronic ticket cameras. We’ll also have information about upcoming truck shows on the Land Line Now Industry Calendar.

IV. Survey asks why you do what you do in trucking

Why are you an owner-operator? Why are you either leased on, or on your own authority? Two major trucking research organizations are asking that as part of a survey. And the government is offering a chance to help improve a coercion reporting system.

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