California tries to protect port truckers

October 7, 2021


Land Line Now, Oct. 7, 2021.

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California wants to end exploitation of port truck drivers, while also extending a mileage tax pilot program to pay for highways.


I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

CVSA releases results of this year’s Operation Safe Driver Week campaign. House subcommittee investigation in YRC coronavirus loan calls for Trump White House records. And this is why Halloween decorations are meant to come down in November.

II. Getting ready for the cold

Cold can freeze a battery that’s not up to snuff, cold can gel fuel, winter road chemicals can rust out all kinds of parts – and on and on. So what systems require some attention as the colder months approach?

III. New California law aimed at protecting port truckers

A new law in California aims to end the exploitation of truck drivers at the state’s ports, while the state is also extending a pilot program designed to test a mileage tax to pay for highways.

IV. States file safety plans with feds – what’s in them?

The federal government does not actually do most of the enforcement of federal trucking regulations. It’s done by the states. But the feds pay those states money to carry out that enforcement, which is distributed through what’s called MCSAP – the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program. Every year, those states have to file a commercial motor vehicle safety plan with FMCSA. So what’s in those documents? And how does that affect you?

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