Better understanding hours of service

October 1, 2020


Land Line Now, Oct. 1, 2020.

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The latest changes to the hours of service are now in effect. We’ll cover those changes and efforts to help truckers understand them.

hours of service bad for health

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Congress keeps the federal doors open a little bit longer; former FMCSA administrator Jim Mullen lands a new job; and “Got Milk?” How about an arrest record? It’s today’s news in trucking.

II. New hours of service, help to understand them

The latest changes to the hours of service are in effect. We’ll cover the changes, efforts to help truckers understand them – and discuss the new commercial driver panel at FMCSA.

III. Pennsylvania protecting people at roadside

California has approved the use of road bonds to speed up highway work, while Pennsylvania works to further protect construction and emergency workers.

IV. FDA wants to track food

The Food and Drug Administration wants to track certain foods from farm to table, including every step along the way. We’ll explain the plan and why it was proposed – plus cover some warnings about dangerous hand sanitizers.

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Links, email addresses, phone numbers and more information

  • OOIDA has an online resource to provide access to information needed to operate in the current coronavirus pandemic. Click on the COVID-19 menu at the top of the page on the Land Line Media website.
  • It’s helpful for our members to keep us apprised of conditions on the roads and any problems they encounter. If you have situations to report call OOIDA at 816-229-5791 or email
  • Truckers can receive vouchers for free flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccinations. Email the St. Christopher Fund at or call 865-544-8145.
  • Starting Friday, Jon Osburn and the Spirit of the American Trucker will be at the Michael Zanella TA in Hebron, Ohio, located at Exit 126 off Interstate 70. You can find upcoming Spirit stops here.
  • You can find OOIDA’s complete guide to Regulatory Issues here.
  • To read about legislation in a particular state, visit Land Line Magazine’s Daily News By State
  • View notices on the Bulletin Board.
  • It’s never too late to share your views with lawmakers. You can do that on the Fighting for Truckers website or by calling 202-224-3121.
  • The FDA is seeking comments on a food traceability proposal that could affect truckers. The deadline is Jan. 21.
  • Check the FDA list to ensure the hand sanitizer you purchased is not potentially dangerous.