Authority revoked? Here’s why

October 7, 2020


Land Line Now, Oct. 7, 2020.

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Some carriers may suddenly find themselves stripped of operating authority – we’ll explain why and the process behind what happened.

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I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Another hurricane is heading for the Gulf Coast; FMCSA grants an exemption for lights on tanker trailers; and the man who cried “kitty.”

II. Winter prep – electrical systems

Batteries can be affected by the cold, but other factors during winter weather can damage other parts of your truck’s electrical systems. We’ll have some winter prep tips. Also, if we start to tax trucks by the mile instead of through fuel, how much will it cost? We’ll take a look at how Wyoming is trying to answer that and other questions.

III. Boost in freight

Freight gets an end of the quarter boost, but how long will it last?

IV. Authority being revoked? You may be the reason

Some carriers may suddenly find themselves stripped of operating authority. Also, an update on the upcoming election and prospects for a stimulus package.

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  • Truckers can receive vouchers for free flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccinations. Email the St. Christopher Fund at or call 865-544-8145.
  • You can update your MCS-150 by going to the FMCSA online portal, then choosing the option “I need to update my USDOT number registration information or file my biennial update(MCS-150).”
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