AB5, PRO Act create confusion; we’ll clear it up

August 9, 2021


Land Line Now, Aug. 9, 2021.

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California’s AB5 and the federal PRO Act have confused many truckers about what is and isn’t legal. We’ll offer some clarification.


I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

The Senate inches closer to a vote on infrastructure. A suit against Navistar is reversed. And six planes, one Michigan highway.

II. Some advice for Brake Safety Week

Brake violations – especially brakes that are out of adjustment – are among the most common violations in commercial motor vehicle inspections. And that’s why CVSA conducts its annual Brake Safety Week enforcement blitz. This year, it starts on Aug. 22. We’ll have some advice.

III. Land Line Magazine Preview

The Highway Trust Fund is running out of funds, and that spells trouble for professional truck drivers. That’s the cover story of the latest issue of Land Line Magazine. We’ll have a preview of that, plus other stories that make up the August/September issue, including an increased focus on the driver retention problem.

IV. AB5, PRO Act – here’s what is and isn’t legal

California’s AB5 and an attempt to duplicate it at the federal level have led to a lot of confusion among truckers about what is and isn’t legal anymore. We’ll offer some clarification on that and other issues.

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