AB5 and Prop 22 – what’s the latest?

September 1, 2021


Land Line Now, Sept. 1, 2021.

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The lawsuit against California’s AB5 may go to the Supreme Court, while a California court rules that a related law is unconstitutional.

California AB5 Port of Los Angeles truck photo

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

Exploring why FMCSA made specific changes to its pandemic waivers. NHTSA tells Tesla is has some explaining to do. And the first four inductees in a hall of fame for trucking legends are named.

II. The broken broker bond system

When a broker doesn’t pay, federal law requires them to carry a bond to cover carriers who have hauled a load. But in practice, it only comes through in a limited number of cases and usually not for the full amount owed.

III. Ida and the freight market

Hurricane Ida is already having an impact on the markets. We’ll explain what’s happened so far and what could happen over the coming days.

IV. AB5 and Proposition 22 update

The lawsuit against California’s AB5 – the law meant to determine who is and isn’t an independent contractor – may go to the Supreme Court, while another related law has been ruled unconstitutional.

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  • The first inductees into the American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame have been announced. A ribbon cutting ceremony for the hall of fame will take place during the American Truck Historical Society 50th anniversary celebration on Oct. 15-16. Get the details here.
  • Starting Friday, Marty Ellis and OOIDA’s tour truck, the Spirit of the American Trucker, will be at the Over the Top Diesel Showdown. That’s at the Onaway Speedway in Onaway, Mich. You can find upcoming Spirit stops here.
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  • Get more information about the freight market. And you can find loads at OOIDA Members Edge.
  • Be sure to check out the new Fighting for Truckers website. And remember, it’s never too late to contact your lawmakers. You can do that via the website or by calling 202-224-3121.
  • OOIDA has an online resource to provide access to information needed to operate in the coronavirus pandemic. Click on the COVID-19 menu at the top of the page on the Land Line Media website.