A truck stop with some history

September 18, 2018


LLN (9/17/18) – We’ll tell you the interesting history of the truck stop along Interstate 75 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Also, the reason behind recent increases in insurance costs. And a trucking provision once again holds up an aviation bill.

0:00 – 10:11 – Newscast

10:11 – 24:42 – Truck stop history in Wapakoneta, Ohio

24:42 – 39:22 – Rising insurance costs

39:22 – 50:19 – Trucking measure holds up aviation bill

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The truck stop along Interstate 75 in Wapakoneta, Ohio, may look like your average TA, but there’s actually some very interesting history behind it. Terry Scruton has the story from the stop’s owner – Tom Panos.

Segment 3

Insurance costs seem to be on the rise lately and while no one likes to hear that, there are actually some very good reasons behind it. Terry Scruton finds out what those are from Stacey Sanders and Trina McIntyre of OOIDA’s truck insurance department. Plus we’ll hear some of your calls from our listener comment line.

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Segment 4

The Senate is continuing to work this week on the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill, but they’ve run into several snags – one of which is a provision that involves trucking. Terry Scruton finds out the latest from Nile Elam OOIDA’s Washington, DC, office.