A step closer to snow and ice fines

November 5, 2019


Land Line Now, Nov. 5, 2019


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A little snow and ice on the truck? Well, Pennsylvania is moving closer to fining truckers who just happen to have traveled in winter weather; also, Ohio wants you shakin’ if you cross the center line.

snow and ice

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Everything happening today that a trucker needs to know. (10 minutes)

II. A necessary evil and an act of charity

Oregon’s weight distance permits – you may not like them, but they’re a necessity. We’ll have what you need to know. Also, a group of truckers raises money to help needy trucking families. (14 minutes)

III. A bill that’s likely to get an icy reception with truckers

Pennsylvania is one step closer to fining truckers for simply having snow or ice on top their rigs. And a bill would require center-line rumble strips in Ohio. (14 ½ minutes)

IV. What’s on your ballot?

A ton of transportation-related issues are on ballots nationwide. We’ll tell you what is where. (9 ½ minutes)

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