A look back at ‘Trick my Truck’

June 18, 2018


LLN (6/15/18) – We’ll take a look back at the television show that made the Chrome Shop Mafia famous. Also on today’s program: truckers are talking detention time; is there or is there not a driver shortage; and a prominent official in Congress says we could actually see the president’s infrastructure package this year.

0:00 – 9:56 – Newscast

9:56 – 24:39 – A look back at “Trick My Truck”

24:39 – 39:30 – Detention time; Driver Turnover

39:30 – 49:43 – Infrastructure bill possible


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A few years back, Bryan Martin was well-known in some trucking circles, but not much beyond that and his local community. Then he and the folks who worked in his shop became celebrities, thanks to being featured in the television program “Trick my Truck.” Barry Spillman and Mark Reddig will take a look back with the boss man from the Chrome Shop Mafia.

Segment 3

Jon Osburn is hearing a lot about detention time, with many truckers telling him it’s worse at grocery warehouses. Mark Reddig talks with the man who drives the Spirit of the American Trucker. To see Jon’s full schedule, click here.

Is there or is there not a driver shortage? The facts say no, according to Andrew King of the OOIDA Foundation. You can find the foundation’s research at:

The foundation also offers classes designed to help expand your knowledge and make your business more successful.

  • You can find more information on OOIDA’s Online Education program, here;
  • Or view more online classes, here.

Segment 4

A prominent official in Congress says we could actually see the president’s long-awaited infrastructure package this year, despite predictions it was all but dead. Mark Reddig talks with Jay Grimes of OOIDA’s Washington, D.C., office.