A gold star for Black Friday freight

November 27, 2019


Land Line Now, Nov. 27, 2019.

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Freight volume is setting records, and rates are rising in preparation for Black Friday. Also, the U.S. Senate speaks out about autonomous vehicles.

Black Friday freight

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Here’s something to be thankful for: The biggest news in trucking today, all in one place.

II. Autonomous vehicles get more scrutiny

A U.S. Senate committee took a long, hard look at autonomous vehicles recently. We’ll fill you in on what they said and why it matters.

III. Black Friday freight earns high marks

Also on your “thankful for” list – the latest news on freight volume and rates as we head into Black Friday. And the national average price of diesel and crude oil prices are up. We’ll tell you how much, and why.

IV. East and West search for highway funding fix

Maine lawmakers look for ways to fix a possible $230 million highway funding shortfall, while Utah eyes a sales tax that could fund, among other things, transportation.

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