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Annual Truckers for Troops telethon begins Veterans Day

Join or renew your membership in OOIDA for a special price and help support U.S. military members during the Truckers for Troops telethon, Nov. 11-15.


DRIVE-Safe Act adds dozen more co-sponsors

The DRIVE-Safe Act, a bill that would allow 18-year-olds to operate in interstate commerce, is gradually gaining support.


Crash determination program comments due Oct. 4.

Should nonpreventable crashes count against drivers? OOIDA says no, and FMCSA’s crash preventability determination program should be permanent.


Michigan governor swats down $400 million roads deal

The Michigan governor has acted to tamp down a short-term roads deal. Her goal is to force lawmakers back to the negotiation table to do a long-term deal.

Products & Services

DAT Solutions: Spot truckload volumes jump 29%, but rates hold steady

Watch the load-to-truck ratios and you’ll see load posts and volume rebounding from the Tropical Storm Imelda drop-off and rates holding steady.


OOIDA can help you manage drug, alcohol testing requirements

Drug and alcohol testing is required of commercial motor vehicle drivers, but how can owner-operators manage a random drug test on themselves? OOIDA can help.


Registration begins for CDL Drug, Alcohol Clearinghouse

Beginning, Jan. 6, all employers must check the Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse before hiring a driver. Registration is now open.


New Arkansas fuel tax rates go into effect Oct. 1

A new Arkansas fuel tax, alternative fuel vehicle fees, and a casino tax go into effect Oct. 1 to fund improvements to the state’s roads.

Crime & Courts

Head of bogus Maryland trucking company pleads guilty to wire-fraud

William Francis Hickey III pleaded guilty to federal charges of wire fraud in a conspiracy to bilk brokers by posing as a legitimate trucking company.

News, Tolls

SR 99 tunnel toll collection in Seattle begins Nov. 9

Truckers driving through Seattle may have noticed the SR 99 tunnel is open. Driving through it is free for now, but that will all change on Nov. 9.