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Federal, OOIDA

OOIDA: Nonpreventable crashes shouldn’t affect drivers’ records

OOIDA supports continuing a program that determines if truck crashes were preventable. Drivers shouldn’t be blamed for nonpreventable crashes, OOIDA says.


Trucking jobs at a net loss for the year; first time since 2016

Despite overall unemployment at its lowest in 50 years, trucking suffered another monthly job loss, sinking trucking employment in the red for the year.


Don’t drown in paperwork. OOIDA’s Compliance Connection can help

Don’t let paperwork muddle your mind. OOIDA’s Compliance Connection can help keep tabs on driver compliance forms and deadlines. Equipment maintenance too.

Opinion, Truck Parking

Home of 18 Wheels for Bubba passes truck parking ban

Milton, Wis., just passed a truck parking ban. Staff Writer Tyson Fisher explains why Milton, of all cities, highlights the real truck parking problem.

News, Truck Parking

TRIP study cites congestion and truck parking as major freight challenges

A new TRIP study highlights issues truckers will likely face as the economy and freight demand increases, including e-commerce, congestion and parking.


Pennsylvania bill would quicken shifting funds from police to roads

One Pennsylvania bill would ensure state police gets money needed for operations without sacrificing revenue needed for road and bridge work.


Annual Truckers for Troops telethon begins Veterans Day

Join or renew your membership in OOIDA for a special price and help support U.S. military members during the Truckers for Troops telethon, Nov. 11-15.


DRIVE-Safe Act adds dozen more co-sponsors

The DRIVE-Safe Act, a bill that would allow 18-year-olds to operate in interstate commerce, is gradually gaining support.


Crash determination program comments due Oct. 4.

Should nonpreventable crashes count against drivers? OOIDA says no, and FMCSA’s crash preventability determination program should be permanent.


Michigan governor swats down $400 million roads deal

The Michigan governor has acted to tamp down a short-term roads deal. Her goal is to force lawmakers back to the negotiation table to do a long-term deal.