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Crime & Courts

Texas DPS employee charged for CDL test scheme

Three people, including a Texas DPS employee, have been indicted for their alleged role in a CDL scheme, according to federal court documents.


Jacobs, Tula to collaborate cutting diesel exhaust, consumption

Jacobs Vehicle Systems, maker of Jake Brakes, is working with a Silicon Valley company to reduce diesel fuel consumption and exhast for heavy-duty trucks.

Products & Services

DAT Solutions: Spot-market demand, rates in flux

In Philadelphia, spot volumes increased last week and rates in the Northeast were up. In Los Angeles, though, van volumes and rates dipped.

Federal, OOIDA

FMCSA accepting comments on under-21 pilot program until Aug. 14

Only a few days remain to comment on a potential pilot program allowing 18 to 20 year olds to drive a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce.


New York Gov. Cuomo announces $200 million freight movement plan

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced a $206 million plan for state and federal funding to enhance the safety and movement of freight goods across New York.

Crime & Courts

Pennsylvania superior court upholds trucker’s $750,000 award

A Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed a lower court’s jury award of $750,000 for a trucker who was rear-ended by another truck.

Crime & Courts

Missouri driver declared an imminent hazard, loses CDL

Because of a work zone collision, three deaths, and previous unsafe driving, Bruce Andrew Pollard has been declared an imminent hazard to public safety.


Pennsylvania bill offers to forgive traffic violators with suspended licenses

If one Pennsylvania state lawmaker gets his way, the state would forgive some traffic violators for nonhighway safety-related reasons.

Crime & Courts

Court vacates part of $2.8M jury award between two truckers

A federal court found that a trucker lacked evidence of future mental anguish and the future pain award was excessive in a lawsuit worth nearly $3M.


South Carolina’s gas tax rebate a lesson in ‘too good to be true’

South Carolina taxpayers collected only 5% of a $40 million gas tax rebate. A deal that got them on board for a funding bill is the same that screwed them.

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