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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, 2019, when the first reports came out of China.

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Leadership, family the driving forces behind Bill Underwood

OOIDA Member and 2016 TA Petro Citizen Driver honoree Bill Underwood, of Alta Vista, Kan., says leading by example is something he learned in the military and tries to pass on each day to his children. That leadership helped secure him the honor of having his favorite truck stop renamed after him on June 1.

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Bill Ater Jr. ‘shares’ award with late father

2016 Citizen Driver honoree Bill Ater, Jr., says his father’s example was a guiding light for his own truck driving career.

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Taylors considered ‘All-Pro truckers’

Even though Bill and Robyn Taylor don’t play professional football, their recent induction to the 2016 Citizen Driver Award class makes them All-Pros of the trucking industry.

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Litalien calls Citizen Driver ceremony ‘the best day of my life’

OOIDA Life Member and longtime truck driver Denis Litalien is fine with remaining anonymous. However, the winner of a 2016 Citizen Driver Award recently was in the spotlight when the TA in Greeland, N.H., was named after him.

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Citizen Driver honoree Jon Osburn all about helping others

From his years as a Navy medic and EMT to now a truck driver, OOIDA Senior Member and “Skipper of the Spirit” tour truck, Jon Osburn is all about being of service to others.

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Weed, Calif., is high on trucks

The small, California town of Weed has gone above and beyond in providing truckers with parking spaces, staff writer Tyson Fisher reports.

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City of Elmira, N.Y., solves truck parking problem

While some cities are putting up a fight against truck parking, other cities like Elmira, N.Y., are quite accommodating.


Cheating on logs, not just for paper anymore

What does an eggshell “baby” have to do with cheating on electronic logs? Managing Editor Jami Jones takes on the notion that more and more technology will eliminate cheating on electronic logs.

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ATHS Golden Achievement Award goes to OOIDA Life Member John Taylor

One of OOIDA’s first members received ATHS’s Golden Achievement Award for over 66 years and 7 million safe miles in trucking.

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Hat’s off to you, Mouse

Robert “Mouse” Fernald, an OOIDA Life Member, is one of the 2015 TA Petro Citizen Driver honorees for his distinguished trucking career.