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Brake Safety Week begins Sunday, Sept. 15. Are you ready?

Safety inspectors will be out in force across North America checking brake system hoses and tubing as part of Brake Safety Week, Sept. 15-21.

Federal, Tolls

House panel debates merits of congestion pricing

To toll or not to toll? That was the big question during a House Highways and Transit subcommittee hearing on congestion pricing.


Could tolls be coming to Wyoming?

An interim panel at the Wyoming statehouse has voted to advance an effort to allow the state to seek federal authority to charge tolls on Interstate 80.

News, Products & Services

DAT Solutions: Spot rates rise to start to September

September brings higher truckload rates, thanks to fewer load posts and fewer available trucks to haul them. Luckily, Hurricane Dorian damage wasn’t worse.


Cooper Tire recalls thousands of Roadmaster drive tires

Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. is recalling certain Roadmaster RM852 EM drive tires for issues that involve the sidewall, according to NHTSA.


California passes AB5, codifying Dynamex decision

California’s senate approved a controversial bill, AB5, that would change how workers, including truck drivers, are classified in the state.


FMCSA formally removes restart requirements from regulations

Requirements in FMCSA’s restart provision that haven’t been effect for years are set to be officially removed from the regulations.

Crime & Courts

NFI truckers seek class certification in misclassification lawsuit

Former NFI drivers have asked a federal New Jersey judge to grant class certification in a misclassification wage suit affecting more than 100 contractors.


Wisconsin state budget provides $320 million for roads and bridges

Gov. Tony Evers has signed into law a two-year Wisconsin budget that he touts for investing in all transportation modes including state and local roadways.

Crime & Courts

Idaho prosecutors cut deals for drivers with hemp cargos

In Idaho, drug trafficking charges have been dropped in favor of lesser misdemeanors for three truck drivers who hauled cargos of hemp across the state.