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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, 2019, when the first reports came out of China.

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Fuel supply concerns hit Reno-Tahoe, West Coast

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport is encouraging travelers to check their flight status as a jet fuel shortage has caused delays.


Hutch Systems becomes first certified Canada ELD under new HOS regs

The Hutch Connect is the first device to be certified compliant Canada ELD under the country’s new hours-of-service regulations.

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Texas appellate court files controversial order in $90M Werner case

In an order that has a Texas court of appeals heavily divided, the full 14th Court of Appeals will hear a case against Werner worth $90 million.

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Pennsylvania bill would add gas tax holiday; electric vehicles would cover revenue loss

A Pennsylvania bill would give gas users a gas tax holiday. At the same time, electric vehicle owners would have an added cost.

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Senate moves forward with bipartisan infrastructure bill

A bipartisan infrastructure package crossed a major hurdle as the Senate voted 67-32 in favor of a procedural measure to move forward with the bill.


Transition Trucking deadline is July 31

Transition Trucking’s deadline for nominating America’s top rookie military veteran serving as a commercial truck driver is July 31.


Hyundai Motor plans California test of fuel cell trucks

Californians will soon get to see some Class 8 Xcient Fuel Cell trucks from Hyundai Motor Co. in two publicly funded programs.


I-40 bridge in Memphis scheduled to partially reopen next week

The I-40 bridge in Memphis is expected to finally reopen for eastbound traffic on Aug. 2. Westbound traffic could start Aug. 6.


Insurance and safety have yet to prove a correlation in trucking

OOIDA’s internet talk show covered insurance minimums and related topics including tort reform and trial lawyers on the July 28 show.

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OTR Capital joins OOIDA to fight minimum insurance increase

OTR Capital has joined OOIDA’s fight against proposals to increase the minimum insurance requirement for motor carriers.