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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, 2019, when the first reports came out of China.


The Spirit heads to Texas

Upon leaving Walcott, Iowa, where he attended the Ta & Petro Citizen Driver ceremony, the skipper of OOIDA’s touring trailer heads for a tour of Texas. Jon Osburn and his canine co-pilot Sassi are headed to the TA truck stop in Terrell, Texas, first. They plan to be there May 10-12. Terrell is about 30 […]


DRIVE-Safe Act is more ATA double-speak

The ATA wants the feds to allow drivers as young as 18 in interstate commerce, so they are pushing a bill in Congress misnamed the DRIVE-Safe Act. At least one aspect of this bill is not about safety. It’s about the carriers’ inability to retain the thousands upon thousands of drivers they hire every year […]

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Nikola Motors accuses Tesla of stealing truck design in $2B lawsuit

The race for the truck of the future between Tesla and Nikola, both Delaware-based corporations, has reached the courtroom. Nikola recently filed a lawsuit against Tesla alleging Elon Musk’s company stole Nikola’s design of its electric Class 8 truck after seeing the Nikola One truck posted on Nikola’s website. According to the lawsuit, Nikola filed […]


Fargo Cargo owners point fingers at each other over company’s collapse

Approximately one month after North Dakota trucking company Fargo Cargo left drivers stranded after allowing its insurance to lapse, a lawsuit has been filed between two of the owners. Leland Swanson, a part owner of Fargo, N.D.-based Fargo Cargo, filed a lawsuit against James Lund, another part owner of the company. Swanson and Lund each […]


Take advantage of OOIDA research on issues facing the trucking industry

Many issues face the professional truck drivers represented by the Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association. Because of that and also because the greatest strength of OOIDA is its informed and vocal membership, the OOIDA Foundation has published white papers and one-pagers on key topics facing the professional trucking industry. A recent white paper is titled The Challenges of Automated Vehicles […]


Highway protests the focus of bills in three states

Elected officials from all parts of the country continue to pursue changes to state laws that cover protests on major highways. The legislative action is in response to traffic disruptions the past few years related to protests and demonstrations. To date, states that include South Dakota and Tennessee have enacted specific rules to deter highway protests through stiff fines […]

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West Virginia tow company pays almost $74,000 in damages to OOIDA, member

An original towing bill of about $31,000 has resulted in a West Virginia towing company paying out almost a total of $74,000 in damages. OOIDA life member Ysabel Luna of Lubbock, Texas, recently received a $23,000 judgment in West Virginia Circuit Court in a civil case against Anthony’s Truck Repair in West Virginia. Luna’s lawsuit […]


Monkey skulls from outer space

Who can resist a headline from outer space? OK, maybe I’m more apt to click on a headline from outer space than most folks, but the question of clickbait still remains pertinent. Two categories reside in the clickbait universe. One is the true definition – a headline compelling you to click on a story about […]


Make your voice heard in D.C.

The trucking industry today faces an ever increasing number of regulations and mandates. That is why it is essential that the experiences, views, and voices of professional truck drivers and small business owners who truly represent the trucking industry are heard. To that end, the OOIDA Foundation offers brief instruction on how to submit comments […]


With new Citizen Drivers to salute, The Spirit heads to Walcott, Iowa

A new class of outstanding truck drivers is scheduled to be honored in Walcott, Iowa, and Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA’s Spirit of the American Trucker, plans to be there. The 2018 Citizen Drivers will be recognized at a ceremony scheduled for May 8 at 6 p.m. in the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum at the […]