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Federal, OOIDA

OOIDA to FMCSA: Flexibility equals safety

In a public listening session on hours of service, OOIDA told FMCSA that truckers need more control over when it is and when it isn’t safe to drive.

Fuel prices, News

Fuel prices may spike in wake of Saudi Arabia attack

Oil prices skyrocketed on Monday after attacks on two oil plants in Saudi Arabia over the weekend. How will this affect diesel prices?

Crime & Courts

New lawyer for ex-PFJ president seeks new trial, judge

Former PFJ president Mark Hazelwood is requesting a federal appeals court grant him a new trial and a new judge to retry his fraud case.


Florida Supreme Court to settle Tampa-area transportation tax challenge

The Florida Supreme Court soon will make the final decision on a sales tax for transportation approved by voters in the Tampa area nearly one year ago.

Fuel prices

Average U.S. diesel fuel price snaps downward trend

The average price for a gallon of diesel fuel across the U.S. dropped again, notching the ninth consecutive week of decreases.

Federal, OOIDA

OOIDA coalition stands up against expensive trucking mandates

A coalition led by OOIDA opposes four trucking mandates that the groups say would cost tens of billions of dollars while adding no safety benefits.


FMCSA considers changes to HOS agriculture definitions

There is more than one hours-of-service rulemaking that needs feedback from truck drivers. Don’t forget HOS agriculture definitions

Crime & Courts

Fingerprint lawsuit filed by truckers hauling CSX freight

Does a facility require you to submit a fingerprint to gain access? In Illinois, that could violate your rights but net you up to $5,000.


Wisconsin bill would tap vehicle taxes for roads and bridges

Vehicle-related tax revenue is being pursued in Wisconsin to bolster road and bridge fund. One option under review would add hundreds of millions to the fund.


No more jail for hemp haulers is great, but it leaves a bad taste

So, it’s great the drivers don’t have to spend more time in jail, but the fines and restitution they have to pay leave a bad taste in my mouth.