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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, when the first reports came out of China.


Is trucking headed for a decline?

For-hire trucking is about to lose a lot of business, as much as 20 percent over the next 10 years. That’s the word from Craig Fuller, CEO of Chattanooga, Tenn.-based FreightWaves, a company that gathers and analyzes market data for the freight transportation industry. FreightWaves, the company’s web publication, offers transportation news and opinion – […]

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EPA won’t enforce glider cap through 2019

The Environmental Protection Agency will exercise “enforcement discretion” on glider manufacturers through 2019 to reduce the impact on the industry while the agency evaluates its proposal to repeal certain emission requirements for gliders, a spokeswoman said on Monday, July 9. Based on the Obama-era regulation, glider manufacturers were going to be limited to building 300 […]

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Diesel fuel prices on average rise slightly in U.S.

The average cost for a gallon of diesel fuel nationwide rose less than a penny on Monday compared to the previous week, according to the Energy Information Administration. On Monday, July 9, the EIA reported the U.S. average price per gallon of diesel cost 3.2436. The price is 76.2 cents higher than a year ago. […]

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Two New York trucking companies on the hook for contamination cleanup costs

The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against two New York trucking companies for the cleanup of groundwater contamination. According to the lawsuit, the trucking companies were responsible for the contamination that eventually was cleaned up by the Environmental Protection Agency. On July 2, the United States government filed a lawsuit against IMC Eastern […]


Pruitt’s departure distracts from reasoning behind glider proposal

It was announced Thursday, July 5, that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned amid allegations of multiple ethics scandals. Andrew Wheeler will serve as the EPA’s administrator while President Donald Trump seeks a successor. For those in trucking, the question becomes how this will affect the EPA’s proposal to repeal emissions requirements for gliders. […]


States continue to adopt rule changes to accommodate truck platoons

Providing authority to test driver-assistive truck platooning technology on highways continues to advance through statehouses across the country. The concept uses a lead truck to control the speed and braking of following trucks. Advocates say truck platooning will save fuel because of reduced aerodynamic drag, lessen traffic congestion, and improve highway safety. Some supporters acknowledge […]


Trucking jobs continue to grow in June; wages down in transport sector

For the 17th consecutive month, transportation jobs overall scored gains in June. The transport sector netted more than 15,000 jobs to the economy. Trucking jobs experienced a modest increase. The truck transportation subsector experienced an increase of 2,500 jobs in June after the industry gained 3,600 in May and lost 5,900 in April. Adjusted numbers […]

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FMCSA declares trucker involved in fatality crash unfit to drive

The driver of a tractor-trailer involved in a head-on crash that killed two people has been declared an imminent hazard to public safety by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. New Mexico-licensed commercial driver Evaristo S. Mora may no longer operate any commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce. He was served the federal order July […]

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Wildfires in California, Colorado shut down highways

Record-breaking heat has been scorching large swaths of the Northern Hemisphere, making conditions ripe for wildfires. At least two wildfires, one in Northern California and one in southern Colorado, are shutting down highways and forcing people to leave their homes. The Klamathon Fire in Siskiyou County, Calif., has burned 8,000 acres as of publication time. […]


DRIVE-Safe Act is a misnomer, and a bad idea

DRIVE-Safe sounds like a good thing, right? Of course it does. The word “safe” is involved. Unfortunately, the name doesn’t illustrate a true representation of detrimental impacts HR 5458 might actually have on highway safety. Let’s make this simple. It’s a bad idea to lower the age for interstate commercial drivers to 18. There are […]