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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, when the first reports came out of China.


Minnesota bill allows voters to secure transportation money

Funding needed to help cover costs for transportation work in Minnesota could get a shot in the arm during the fall election. The Senate Transportation Finance and Policy Committee voted 8-7 to advance a bill to earmark vehicle-related sales tax for state and local roads and bridges. Everything from oil changes to vehicle rentals would […]

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Collection of Rhode Island truck tolls delayed until end of May

Truckers traveling through Rhode Island may have noticed they are still driving toll free. That is because the collection of truck-only tolls has been further delayed until the end of May at the earliest. Sparing truckers from the controversial truck-only tolls a bit longer. On April 12, Rhode Island Department of Transportation Director Peter Alviti […]


Mississippi CDL examiners indicted for issuing fraudulent skills test score sheets

Two third-party Mississippi CDL examiners were indicted in March for their role in a scheme that granted applicants a passed skills test despite never taking the test. A jury trial is set for May. For a two-year period from August 2014 to September 2016 in Hinds County, Miss., Robert Anthony Davis and Benjamin James McGriggs, […]


Chameleon carrier indicted for falsifying FMCSA records

A man has been indicted in U.S. District Court, Charleston, S.C., on charges of falsifying Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration records in order to avoid out-of-service orders. Cameron Banks was indicted March 27 on three counts of falsification of records in federal investigations with intent to impede, obstruct and influence FMCSA’s process of investigation and […]


FMCSA issues advisory about national registry website

The FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners website has been under construction for more than four months since its security was breached on Dec. 1. While the agency has answered few questions about the hack, the FMCSA issued an advisory about the national registry’s functionality on April 13. “FMCSA is ensuring the stability of […]


Tax filing deadline is here, are you ready?

Because the traditional deadline for filing your taxes fell on the weekend, you have – make that “had” – a little bit of extra time to file. Tuesday, April 17, is the deadline for filing your 2017 income taxes. Here are two very common questions we get on or near the filing deadline. Q: I […]

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Diesel prices rise across the U.S.; West Coast rates jump a dime

While this a week ago Monday the average U.S. price for a gallon of diesel went up negligibly. This Monday, there is nothing shy about a 6.1-cent increase. On Monday, April 16, the Energy Information Administration reported the average prices for a gallon of diesel fuel across the U.S. was $3.104. For the two weeks […]


OOIDA-backed bill allowing Occ-Acc insurance in Colorado advances

An effort continuing to progress through the Colorado General Assembly would ensure occupational accident insurance coverage is available to independent truckers in the state. Colorado law now requires independent commercial operators to have workers’ compensation or a private insurance policy that provides similar coverage. The House Business Affairs and Labor Committee has advanced a bill […]


‘Fun’ with a side order of filthy lies

According to the American Trucking Associations, the trucking industry seeks 900 million short drivers. No. Wait. There are 900 million trucks without short people in them. Hold on, that can’t be right. (Is it even OK to refer to someone as “short” anymore? Should I be offended, as well as concerned we’re suddenly missing a […]


Mississippi governor orders the closure of more than 100 unsafe bridges

As the federal infrastructure bill continues to sit in legislation purgatory, roads and bridges across the nation remain in a vulnerable state. In Mississippi, Gov. Phil Bryant has ordered the state to close more than 100 unsafe bridges that should have been closed in March. On Tuesday, April 10, Gov. Bryant issued a proclamation ordering […]