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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, 2019, when the first reports came out of China.


Connecticut governor unveils transport plan; other states discuss toll rates, roads

Gov. Ned Lamont revealed his new transportation plan, including 14 new toll locations. Meanwhile, other states are raising rates or considering new tolls.

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UPDATE: Voters in locales across the country decide on transportation aid

Nov. 5 ballots in communities around the country included questions to authorize funding to help get needed road and bridge work done. Here are the results.

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Light-bulb moment leads to low-ash-producing oil from Chevron

Sometimes a simple question can lead to a giant leap forward in technology. That’s the story behind Chevron’s new game-changing oil, Delo 600 ADF.


Voters in three states settle transportation questions

On Tuesday, voters throughout the states of Colorado, Maine, and Washington decided whether to boost transportation spending via taxes, fees and bonds.

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Household goods movers indicted for extorting customers

Owners of several household good moving companies have been indicted in a federal court for their role in a fraud scheme that involved extorting customers.

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DAT Solutions: Spot van rates (finally) pick up as holiday freight gets moving

Load posts were increasing as October took a bow, suggesting that holiday freight was picking up least in the spot van and reefer segments.


WTA seeks preemption from state break laws

The deadline to comment on the Washington Trucking Associations’ petition for preemption from Washington’s meal and rest break rules is Nov. 8.


ATRI report reveals running a trucking company is becoming more expensive

An ATRI report calculating operational costs of trucking indicates total expenses went up in 2018, with smaller carriers paying more in several areas.


2019 Capitol Christmas Tree to begin journey from New Mexico to D.C.

The Capitol Christmas Tree is preparing to journey from Carson National Forest in New Mexico to Washington, D.C. Follow the tree’s journey online.


Pennsylvania Senate bill speeds up fund shift from state police to roads

A Pennsylvania bill is on the move that would ensure the state police gets money needed for operations without sacrificing revenue needed for road work.