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U.S. chain law roundup 2019

Winter is just around the corner. Do you know which states require chains? Be prepared before you roll out with Land Line’s annual U.S. Chain Law round up.


Chaining up in Canada

Land Line provides you with a comprehensive roundup of chain- and studded tire-related laws in all 10 provinces and three territories of Canada.

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Infrastructure stakeholders push for fuel tax increase during Congressional hearing

Five stakeholders provided testimony to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on long-term highway funding on Wednesday. Despite the diversity of the witness panel, they all agreed on one obvious solution to replenish the Highway Trust Fund: increasing the federal fuel tax. During opening statements, Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., said as early as the spring […]


Iowa nears new law to combat ‘skimming’ at fuel pumps

The Iowa Legislature has approved a bill intended to deter payment card “skimming” at fuel pumps. The devices are attached to external fuel pump payment card readers and ATMs. The small devices, or “skimmers,” can be installed within seconds. They are designed to steal and store debit and credit card data. The data can then […]


Transition Trucking winner fulfills childhood dream by driving a truck

Gregg Softy’s fascination with big trucks started at an early age. “I remember getting a big truck for Christmas when I was 4 years old,” he said. Softy’s fascination didn’t end there. As a passenger in his family vehicle, he made a game out of guessing how many trucks he could spot on the trip. […]


Uber and Starsky Robotics announce breakthroughs in self-driving trucks

While lawmakers try to figure out what to do with commercial motor vehicles in autonomous technology legislation, Uber and Starsky Robotics have taken the wheel and moved on. Uber has recently been operating self-driving trucks in Arizona, while Starsky Robotics just announced a completely driverless truck making a trip in Florida. On Tuesday, San Francisco-based […]


The Spirit has a weekend in Louisiana in front of her

Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA’s The Spirit of the American Trucker tour truck, has been looking forward to a weekend in Louisiana, and this weekend that wish comes true. The Spirit has left the TA truck stop in Lafayette, La., for the Petro truck stop in Hammond, La. The Hammond Petro is just off I-12 […]


DAT Solutions: Load volumes rise – are rates next?

The number of load posts on DAT MembersEdge surged 7.6 percent during the week ending March 3 as freight and rates appear poised for a spring revival. More freight and a 2 percent dip in the number of posted trucks didn’t move van or reefer rates higher but they did boost load-to-truck ratios for all […]


Round 7 of NAFTA talks makes little progress; Trump uses tariffs as leverage

Round 7 of negotiations to renew the North American Free Trade Agreement concluded in Mexico City this week, resulting in a few steps forward and a few steps back. Discussions were derailed after President Donald Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum, putting the fate of NAFTA back in limbo. With negotiations taking place behind […]


How to find a CME while the national registry site is down

For more than three months now, the FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners website has been down. The agency’s website went down after a security breach on Dec. 1 and didn’t regain its functionality until Dec. 14. However, the site stopped working again on the afternoon of Dec. 15 and still wasn’t fully operational as of […]


States pursue new rules on use of license plate readers

The practice of tracking drivers’ movements through automatic license plate readers, or ALPRs, continues to draw the attention of state officials around the country. The devices are mounted on police vehicles, road signs or traffic lights. High-tech cameras that capture the date, time and location of vehicles are used in some capacity by about 600 […]


Fuel-efficient prototype ‘StarShip’ hits the road in May

Shell Lubricants and AirFlow Truck Co. have designed and built a fuel-efficient Class 8 truck that they call the “StarShip Project,” and they plan to give it a road test in May. The StarShip Project uses available technology to minimize the energy required to transport cargo. The holistic approach includes aerodynamic design, advanced engine and […]