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U.S. chain law roundup 2019

Winter is just around the corner. Do you know which states require chains? Be prepared before you roll out with Land Line’s annual U.S. Chain Law round up.

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OOIDA offers free classes for business-minded truck drivers

OOIDA offers a series of classes by video at its website. Since 2006, OOIDA has presented educational classes for the small business owner and the professional truck driver. It has been OOIDA’s continual mission to fight for the rights of all truckers through research and education. For a variety of different reasons, a vast majority of […]


How an Oregon trucker got lost and what we can learn from it

An innocent mistake endangered the life of an Oregon trucker. Hauling a load of potato chips from Portland, Ore., to Nyssa, Ore., on Tuesday, April 24, Jacob Cartwright, a 22-year-old truck driver for Little Trees Transportation, entered the wrong address in his GPS. He eventually became stranded and then walked through the Oregon wilderness until […]

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Delaware latest state to study vehicle miles traveled ta

With funding for infrastructure becoming worrisome as fuel taxes bring in less revenue, several states have been studying a potential mileage-based user fee or vehicle miles traveled tax. Delaware is the latest state to join the ranks. The I-95 Corridor Coalition and the Delaware Department of Transportation have launched a three-month study of the vehicle […]

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NHTSA looks into scope, timeliness of four DTNA recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Defects Investigation is examining four separate recalls that were issued by Daimler Trucks North America within the past six months. NHTSA is concerned about the timeliness of the recalls. Nearly half a million commercial vehicles are involved in the audit. On April 23, NHTSA opened an audit […]

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Ticket camera rule changes approved, pursued in seven states

State legislatures around the country continue to discuss and take action on the use of automated cameras to ticket drivers. More than 500 communities around the country employ the use of red-light or speed cameras to nab drivers disobeying traffic rules, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reports. Supporters of the devices say they help […]


Keeping you compliant

DOT drug and alcohol testing is the law for commercial drivers – even for owner-operators. The problem is how do you select yourself for a random drug test? Consortium Management Co. Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of OOIDA, was established to help eliminate the hassle and confusion of mandatory drug and alcohol testing. It is […]


Self-driving vehicles – another technology frenzy?

Got half-a-billion to burn? Welcome to the self-driving technology race. Long before anyone actually makes money on autonomous vehicles, most of today’s players will be forced from the field and lots of money will be lost. Lots and lots of money. And just in case you were wondering, there will still be driving jobs. Scores […]

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Seven more states adopt rule changes for truck platoons

Work continues at statehouses from coast to coast to provide authority to test driver-assistive truck platooning technology on highways. The concept uses a lead truck to control the speed and braking of following trucks. Advocates say truck platooning will save fuel because of reduced aerodynamic drag, lessen traffic congestion, and improve highway safety. Some supporters […]


OOIDA responds to false allegations levied by ATA president

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association issued a formal statement addressing a barrage of untrue accusations made by Chris Spear, president of the American Trucking Associations, in an article published by DC Velocity. The article in part details what the reporter calls “an extraordinary series of comments” Spear unleashed when asked why ATA and OOIDA do […]

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Missouri audit reveals conflicts of interest between state employees and PrePass company

Some employees of the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Missouri Highway Patrol are under fire after the state auditor discovered “significant conflicts of interest” with PrePass’ company HELP Inc. As a result, HELP was found to receive preferential treatment over Drivewyze, a competing company. On April 26, State Auditor Nicole Galloway published a report that highlighted some major […]