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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, 2019, when the first reports came out of China.

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Overweight truck fine of $14k upheld; GPS no excuse

Representing yourself is rarely a good idea. Especially if you’re trying to blame your GPS for driving nearly 50,000 pounds overweight on a restricted road.

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OOIDA to FMCSA: Update ‘agricultural commodity’ definition

FMCSA should remove confusion by updating its definition for ‘agricultural commodity,’ OOIDA says.


New Delaware law permits use of truck height monitoring systems

A new law in Delaware authorizes height monitoring systems to reduce the likelihood of large vehicles accessing state and local roadways that are problematic for travel.

Crime & Courts, News

Workers’ comp lawsuit complicated by trucking company merger

If a trucking company is acquired by a larger company, does the previous company exist? Oddly, that was the center of a workers’ comp lawsuit in Illinois.


Tell your kids, grandkids to apply for an OOIDA scholarship

College is expensive. OOIDA members, tell your children and grandchildren to apply for an OOIDA scholarship. Applications have to be in by Feb. 1.


Ag hours of service comment deadline is Sept. 27

Tomorrow, Sept. 27, is the deadline to comment on rules governing agriculture definitions related to hours of service.

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Ten states join opposition to Washington state’s new oil standards

Ten states join North Dakota and Montana’s attempt to nullify a Washington state law that they say essentially bans Bakken crude oil in the Evergreen State.


Michigan Legislature approves $400 million for roads

A deal has been reached at the Michigan statehouse to provide a shot in the arm for the state’s roads and bridges. Trick is it does it without a tax or fee increase.

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DAT Solutions: Tropical storm dampens spot market demand

Load posts drop in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Imelda, though tree fruit harvest in the Upper Midwest is starting, and New Mexico has pumpkins to ship.

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OOIDA rallies members to oppose minimum insurance bill

OOIDA is encouraging its members to speak out against a bill that would force motor carriers to carry a minimum insurance of nearly $5 million.