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A coronavirus timeline: How we got here

Land Line Media provides a timeline of the events related to the coronavirus dating back to Dec. 31, when the first reports came out of China.


What’s ‘innovative’ about this fatigue plan is its low-tech approach

Earlier this week, an hours of service exemption request filed by a coalition of livestock and animal haulers caught our attention. No, it wasn’t the fact that yet another group was seeking relief from the one-size-doesn’t-fit-all regulation that made us take notice. It was the following paragraph: “The applicants cite the following negative impacts to […]

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During House hearing, officials back fuel tax hike now, vehicle tax later

During a House hearing, officials backed an increase in the fuel tax now and preparing for a transition to a vehicle miles traveled tax.

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Ocean carriers stick it to truckers with ‘street-turn’ fee

Some of the biggest ocean carriers have begun charging container truckers for “street turns.” Think of it as a tax on efficiency. What’s a street turn? It simply means delivering a load, then using the empty container to pick up another load. Without a street turn, you would return the empty container to the port, […]


November NAFTA freight experiences largest monthly decrease since July 17

The U.S. DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that in November trucks moved more than 63 percent of NAFTA freight.

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OOIDA weighs in on proposed speed limit changes in three states

Elected officials in states from the West Coast to the Midwest are looking into changes to speed limit rules.

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FMCSA faces another challenge for its decision to pre-empt California break laws

A day after the Teamsters sued the FMCSA for pre-empting California’s meal and rest break laws, the California Labor Commissioner’s Office did the same.

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Florida lawmakers seek against ‘wholly unqualified’ SunPass contractor

Florida lawmakers grilled the state Department of Transportation over the actions of Conduent State and Local Solutions, the contractor behind the SunPass debacle last year. On Tuesday, Feb. 5, members of the Senate’s Infrastructure and Security committee suggested that more action should be taken, including cancelling the contract. The Florida Senate Infrastructure and Security committee […]

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Teamsters challenge FMCSA’s decision to pre-empt California break laws

Florida lawmakers recently grilled FDOT over the actions of Conduent, the contractor behind the SunPass debacle last year, some even suggesting cancelling the contract.


Don’t overlook the research resources OOIDA has gathered

Resources are available at to help you keep abreast of issues facing the trucking industry. Check out state issues, OOIDA court actions and more.

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If it keeps time, it’s probably just a clock

Many conclusions are being drawn from preliminary data about ELDs and hours of service, but remember an ELD is just a clock and we’re talking about safety.