OOIDA’s tour trailer heads to Hillsboro, Texas

February 24, 2020

Chuck Robinson


Hillsboro, Texas, is the next stop for OOIDA’s tour trailer, the Spirit of the American Trucker.

OOIDA’s tour trailer is scheduled to be at the Hillsboro TA on Tuesday through Thursday, Feb. 25-27. It is on Exit 370 from I-35, the junction with U.S. 77.

There are 201 truck parking spots at the Hillsboro TA and a walking trail for drivers to stretch their legs as well as a fitness room.

The Hillsboro TA is just south of where I-35E and I-35W split and head into the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. I-35 runs through the east side of Hillsboro.

I-35E through Dallas continues the I-35 exit numbering while I-35W through Fort Worth
resets exit numbering at 1.

I-35 covers 1,569 miles from Laredo, Texas, on the U.S.-Mexico border to Duluth, Minn.

‘Attaboys’ for input on emission standards

Drivers who stopped by The Spirit to talk to Jon in New Braunfels gave OOIDA some “attaboys” for the Association’s stance on emission standards.


The Environmental Protection Agency had requested input from truck drivers on NOx emissions rules and the EPA’s Cleaner Trucks Initiative.

OOIDA noted in its comments that the trucking industry had been subjected to many regulations on emissions, many of which were short-sighted and difficult to implement. They also were expensive, pushing up new truck prices.

The Association noted that the average price of a new truck has increased nearly 44% since 2008. The increasing cost of new trucks and maintaining them limits the environmental benefit of the regulations because truckers must keep older vehicles longer than they might have without the regulations.

“For small carriers operating on the slimmest of margins, these high costs for purchase and maintenance can be a major deterrent to purchasing newer, cleaner trucks,” wrote OOIDA President and CEO Todd Spencer in comments to the EPA.

“Clean air is a priority for everyone, including truckers, but the technology used in heavy-duty trucks to improve air quality has to be affordable and reliable.”

Read OOIDA’s comments here.

Take a few minutes to check in

Whenever and wherever you see The Spirit tour truck, stop by and say hello to Jon. He enjoys visiting about the Association’s activities and current issues. You can join or renew your OOIDA membership for $10 off the regular price there. Also, you can get vouchers for flu, shingles and pneumonia vaccines from Jon at The Spirit.

Jon’s Texas tour this year started in El Paso. The tour included stops in Laredo, San Antonio and New Braunfels. After Hillsboro, The Spirit has a stop scheduled in Terrell, Texas and then in Shreveport, La. Here is the schedule.

Chuck Robinson

Chuck Robinson formerly was senior copy editor for a weekly trade publication serving the fresh produce industry. He has served trade publications, horticultural journals and community newspapers for 25 years.