OOIDA’s ‘Live From Exit 24’ talk show premieres

July 16, 2020

Land Line Staff


OOIDA premiered its internet-based talk show, “Live From Exit 24” on Wednesday, July 15.

The new hourlong audio-only talk show is hosted by Mike Matousek, OOIDA’s manager of government affairs, and features OOIDA Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh as special guest host.

Aimed at expanding OOIDA’s communication with members, the first episode encouraged truckers to reach out to their lawmakers.

Matousek worked as a congressional staffer before joining OOIDA and said that he always appreciated receiving the expertise from truckers when it came to transportation issues.

“You’re the expert,” he said. “No one on Capitol Hill is going to know more about trucking than someone who actually drives a truck for a living.

“We always preach for you to reach out to your lawmakers. Develop a relationship. Reach out to whoever the staffer is who handles trucking issues.”

Before you make that visit with your lawmaker’s staff, Pugh said he suggests dedicating some time to preparation.

“One little trick that I’ve learned, especially when you’re not used to doing this sort of thing, is to make out a list of talking points that you want to bring up,” he said. “And make a list of supporting arguments for those points, so if they do disagree, then you can come back with ‘this is why.’”

OOIDA employs lobbyists in Washington, D.C., but hearing from truckers directly can resonate with lawmakers.

“Our lobbyists in D.C. are great,” Matousek said. “They know a ton of stuff, but it is really helpful to talk to someone who actually drives a truck for a living if a congressional staffer has a question.”

Matousek and Pugh also fielded calls about the highway bill, truck parking and other trucking issues.

OOIDA wants the show to be as interactive as possible.

“We enjoyed our first ‘Live from Exit 24’ show,” Matousek said. “Hopefully, others did as well. We appreciate those who called in, and we’re looking forward to our next show at 11 a.m. Central time on July 29. Between now and then, we’d welcome feedback from those who were able to participate. Or if you have any suggested topics, let us know.”

The plan is for the show to be broadcast once every two weeks. To be a part of the next show, call 317-67-OOIDA at 11 a.m. Central time on July 29.

The show can be found at the Live From Exit 24 website, the OOIDA Facebook page, and the OOIDA YouTube page.