OOIDA member-exclusive program offers more than just a fuel card

June 6, 2022

SJ Munoz


The OOIDA Truckers Advantage fuel card program has saved members nearly $1.4 million on fuel purchases in the first quarter of 2022 alone.

With many parts of the country seeing diesel prices as high as they’ve ever been, discounts could not come at a better time.

“For about three years we’ve been working to improve the fuel card program” said Trevor Williams, OOIDA’s fuel card program coordinator, said. “We had some discounts in place from years back, but we knew we could do better and offer our members more discounts. Fortunately, we were able to find a better program for our members.”

And that program extends even beyond fuel.

OOIDA, in partnership with Fleet One,  allows cardholders the flexibility to purchase diesel exhaust fluid, oil, tires and roadside service.

You can even use the card for cash advances.

“When we revisited the program we were able to add more discounts at even more locations,” Williams said. “That includes the independent or mom-and-pop shops, which is actually where we’re seeing more activity lately.”

The Truckers Advantage fuel card is now accepted at more than 13,000 truck stops and fueling locations nationwide including, Pilot Flying J, TA & Petro, Sapp Bros., Kwik Trip, Casey’s and Speedway.

Among the additional benefits of the card are no monthly or annual fees and no in-network transaction fees.

There’s even a mobile app that cardholders can use to find discounts wherever they may be.

With one of the largest discount networks in the industry the card kind of sells itself, Williams said.

However, there are still some members who may not be aware of all that is offered through the program.

“You’d be surprised how many long-time members don’t know about it,” Williams said.

To make sure members are aware and taking advantage of all the discounts available, Williams sends a daily email to members with information about the program.

To learn more or apply for the fuel card visit the OOIDA or Truckers Advantage website. LL