OOIDA-led coalition seeks allies in battle against trucking insurance hike

May 5, 2021

Mark Schremmer


An OOIDA-led coalition of more than 60 organizations is remaining proactive in its fight against measures to increase the minimum insurance requirement on motor carriers.

The coalition, which represents the trucking, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, materials and towing industries, sent letters to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Blue Dog Coalition and Problem Solvers Caucus on Wednesday, May 5.

OOIDA and the other organizations are working to make sure any measures to increase truckers’ minimum liability insurance aren’t included in the forthcoming highway bill.

Last year’s version of the highway bill proposed to increase motor carriers’ minimum requirement from $750,000 to $2 million. A previous standalone bill pushed for the minimum to be increased all the way up to $4.9 million.

“An increase in insurance requirements is wholly unnecessary, would do nothing to improve highway safety, and would have a severe negative impact on our members by significantly increasing their operational costs,” the coalition wrote.


The coalition points out a federal report from the Volpe National Transportation Center that determined that the current minimum insurance level adequately covers damages in all but 0.6% of crashes. In addition, most trucking companies carry $1 million in coverage on their own.

The current requirements are not only adequate but extremely effective, OOIDA and the other coalition members wrote.

“It is difficult to think of any other policy that addresses over 99% of cases and would be considered a failure in need of fixing,” the letters state.

“Rejecting calls for increases in insurance coverage will help protect American jobs and businesses, including countless small businesses, from an unnecessary and excessive policy designed to further line the pockets of trial lawyers at the expense of truckers, farmers, construction firms, manufacturers and more.”

The coalition is comprised of 61 organizations, including OOIDA, the Agricultural Retailers Association, American Concrete Pavement Association, American Dairy Coalition, National Asphalt Pavement Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and the United Fresh Produce Association. A full list of coalition organizations can be found here. LL

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