OOIDA launches email portal for ELD enforcement complaints

December 19, 2017

Land Line Staff


As the ELD mandate goes into effect with many basic questions still unanswered and many technical concerns still unresolved, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is continuing to fight for the rights of all truckers and ensure enforcement of the mandate is consistent on a state-by-state basis.

To that end, the Association has established a dedicated email for members to send in copies of tickets they receive on roadside-related ELD violations. When sending in copies of your tickets, OOIDA asks you include your contact information, including email address and telephone number. Tickets can be emailed to ELD@OOIDA.com.

“We’re looking for actual documentation of citations issued by law enforcement for ELD violations,” said Mike Matousek, OOIDA’s director of government affairs. “Inconsistent enforcement remains a concern of OOIDA, so that’s one of the things we’re looking for.”

Matousek said drivers can scan or take a picture of their citation or violation and include it in the email to the Association.

“OOIDA is being flooded with complaints about inconsistencies in enforcement, to the point we have grave doubts about any prep work FMCSA may have done or any control over their state partners they may have,” Matousek said. “We’ve been questioning the agency’s readiness for a long time.”

For more information, go to OOIDA’s FightingForTruckers.com.