Omnitracs ELD outage forces some drivers to revert to paper logs

November 4, 2019

Land Line Staff


One of the largest ELD manufacturers in the country, Omnitracs, experienced an outage over the weekend, forcing drivers to revert to paper logs until the problem can be fixed.

In a letter posted to the company’s website on Sunday, Ray Greer, CEO of Omnitracs, said a “GPS rollover event” affected the company’s MCP telematics units. Other units – including the IVG, Android XRS and Roadnet devices – were not affected.

The letter states that the malfunction means customers cannot access accurate time and location data on some devices. He says the company is working with the manufacturers of the chipsets used in the units to develop a firmware update that the company hopes will fix the issue. In the meantime, they are also looking for a software solution as a temporary fix.

Omnitracs did not say how many devices have been affected or how long it would be until they are back online. The company says it will “continue to provide regular updates” on the issue.

Omnitracs says to switch to paper logs

While that is going on, Omnitracs says drivers whose devices are affected should be using paper logs as a backup until further notice.

Tom Crowley with OOIDA’s Business Services Department, says that’s exactly what the regulations require.

“If a driver has any idea that it is malfunctioning and the malfunctioning light has come on, then they need to switch over to using paper logs,” Crowley said in an interview with Land Line Now on Monday. “All drivers are supposed to carry a supply of paper logs with them as part of the ELD requirements.”

Crowley says drivers must be able to recreate the previous seven days on their logs. He said beyond the eight-day grace period, the FMCSA requires carriers to file an extension request to allow the use of paper logs beyond the grace period.

“FMCSA has a real narrow window for what (carrier) options are,” he said. “Their options are basically get it fixed within the eight days or request that extended exemption.”

Crowley said drivers must depend on their carrier filing that exemption request after the eight-day window.

“They have to rely on their carrier, that their carrier has requested that exemption or they could find themselves potentially put out the service side of the road,” he said.

Land Line Now news anchor Terry Scruton contributed to this report.

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