Ohio bill could result in reduced cost of insuring certain CDL holders

December 4, 2017

Keith Goble


Talks continue at the Ohio statehouse about a bill that could reduce the cost of insuring young commercial drivers in the state.

The House Insurance Committee this fall has heard testimony on three separate occasions for a bill to figure out how to reduce the cost of insuring young commercial drivers. Sponsored by Rep. Niraj Antani, R-Miamisburg, the bill calls for a study and to report recommendations to reduce insurance premiums for truck drivers 18 to 25 years old.

Antani’s bill, HB284, would appoint 13 people to the study committee representing state government, the state’s insurance and trucking industries, and the Teamsters. The group would be responsible for submitting a report to state lawmakers.

Advocates say the bill seeks to bring stakeholders together to examine ways the state can address the challenge of attracting young people to the trucking industry.

During a recent hearing on the bill, Antani testified that “thousands of young people are missing out on great-paying jobs that do not require a college degree.”

OOIDA Director of Government Affairs Mike Matousek has communicated to the bill sponsor the Association’s interest in being included in the process.

Matousek has pointed out the Association has nearly 7,000 members residing in Ohio and thousands more operating on the state’s roadways each day. OOIDA also offers truck insurance to members.

“While we have concerns with the issue HB284 seeks to address, we are not opposed to the bill,” Matousek said.

Rather, the Association is asking for a change made to the bill to include one study committee member appointed by OOIDA, he said.

He points out the bill would create a study committee to make recommendations about insurance premiums among young drivers “yet, the proposed committee is not composed of anyone with actual truck driving experience. This is a role that we are more than qualified to fulfill.”