New York bills would slap fines on illegal truck parking in NYC

August 9, 2019

Keith Goble


Multiple bills in the New York State Legislature cover concerns of certain New York City residents and businesses about illegal truck parking.

One bill halfway through the statehouse would increase the fine for illegally parking a commercial vehicle in parts of the city.

Sponsored by Sen. Leroy Comrie, D-Queens, S3215 would authorize $400 fines – up from $250 – for illegally parking a “tractor-trailer combination, tractor, truck tractor or semi-trailer” in residential neighborhoods of New York City. Subsequent violations within six months would result in $800 fines – up from $500.

The focus of the illegal truck parking legislation is Southeast Queens – between JFK and LaGuardia airports. Supporters say that between pickup and drop-offs commercial trucks park in residential neighborhoods. Neighbors complain about the vehicles as eyesores, environmental hazards, and noise makers.

“Many people throughout Queens are sick of truck traffic,” Comrie said during recent Senate committee discussion on the bill. “Trucks park on residential streets overnight, blocking visibility, blocking access, and blocking driveways.”

Comie acknowledges there are not enough places in the city to park large trucks but added that current fines do not do enough to discourage drivers from violating the parking law.

“This is an inducement to make sure that truck drivers will make every effort to find safer places to park their vehicles and not clog residential streets with commercial vehicles.”

The Senate voted to advance the bill to the Assembly. It awaits for further consideration in the Assembly Transportation Committee.

Another Senate-approved bill covers concern about large trucks parked on New York City streets.

Specifically, S2761 would authorize a $1,000 fine for a trailer or semi-trailer parked or left unattended overnight.

Currently, violations of illegally parked tractor-trailers or semis does not carry a fine. Owners are responsible only for paying a $160 towing fee.

The bill is in the Assembly Transportation Committee.

One more bill in the Assembly Transportation Committee would prohibit the intentional removal of identification markers from commercial vehicles in the city to evade a traffic infraction, such as illegal truck parking.

A7758 specifies that removal of markers that include registration stickers, license plates, and VIN numbers could result in fines between $200 and $1,000.