New rest areas add truck parking in West Texas

June 3, 2024

Land Line Staff


Truckers making the long trek across the Lone Star State now have another option for overnight truck parking.

On Friday, May 31, the Texas Department of Transportation held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a pair of new “safety rest areas” located on Interstate 10, 9 miles east of Van Horn, and opened them to the public the following day.

With 116 total truck parking spaces, 58 each at the east- and west-bound locations, the two new facilities are among the largest of the state’s 76 rest areas. The department said the new rest areas replace a pair of older existing sites 4 miles east of Van Horn.

Truck parking isn’t the only amenity truckers will enjoy at the new sites. According to the department, the rest areas being constructed across Texas will feature air-conditioned and heated restrooms, wireless internet, indoor exhibits, a tornado shelter, office space for law enforcement and enhanced security, including surveillance cameras.

“TxDOT’s new generation of safety rest areas features regional designs, modern restrooms, interpretive display exhibits of local features and separate parking for cars and trucks,” the department said. “The unique, regional character of each facility not only attracts visitors to stop but also serves these facilities as cultural gateways to nearby communities.”

Brent Johnson, TxDOT roadside facilities section director, said the state paid careful consideration when selecting the location, design, context and construction of the new rest areas.

“Driver fatigue is a major cause of serious traffic crashes across the state,” Brent Johnson, TxDOT roadside facilities section director, told KTSM News. “Our safety rest areas are strategically placed on the highway system to help drivers fight fatigue by enticing them to stop, rest and enjoy amenities before continuing with their trips.” LL