Nearly nine of 10 vehicles inspected passed Brake Safety Week

October 20, 2021

Land Line Staff


Inspectors pulled over 35,764 commercial motor vehicles during Brake Safety Week 2021.

Nearly 90% of the vehicles inspected throughout North America did not have brake-related critical vehicle inspection item violations.

However, 12% of the inspected vehicles were placed out of service because of critical brake-related violations.

Law enforcement agencies in the U.S., Canada and Mexico participate in Brake Safety Week, which is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. There was added emphasis this year on brake hose chafing violations.

Brake-related violations accounted for eight out of the top 20 vehicle violations in 2020, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data. In addition, brake system and brake adjustment violations accounted for more out-of-service vehicle conditions than any other vehicle violation during CVSA’s three-day International Roadcheck inspection and enforcement initiative in May.

Vehicles that did not have any vehicle and driver out-of-service conditions during a Level I or Level V Inspection were eligible for a CVSA decal, which is a visual indicator to inspectors that the vehicle was recently inspected (valid for three months) and had no critical vehicle inspection item violations.

Fifty Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions, and Mexico’s National Guard and Ministry of Communications and Transportation participated in this year’s Brake Safety Week, which is a voluntary commercial motor vehicle safety initiative.

In Canada, 1,903 commercial motor vehicles were inspected. The brake-related out-of-service rate was 15.4%.

The out-of-service rate related to brakes in the U.S. was 13.5% out of the 28,694 commercial motor vehicles inspected.

In Mexico, 5,167 inspections were conducted with a brake-specific out-of-service rate of 2.6%.

Percentage of brake hose chafing violations by category and country during Brake Safety Week 2021

Category 1. Wear extends into outer protective material, where applicable. Not an out-of-service infraction.

  • U.S. – 31% (1,249 violations)
  • Canada – 39% (66 violations)
  • Mexico – 44% (655 violations)
  • North America total – 35% (1,970 violations)

Category 2. Wear extends through outer protective material into outer rubber cover. Not an out-of-service infraction.

  • U.S. – 30% (1,226 violations)
  • Canada – 24% (41 violations)
  • Mexico – 31% (463 violations)
  • North America total – 31% (1,730 violations)

Category 3. Wear makes reinforcement ply visible, but ply is intact. Not an out-of-service infraction.

  • U.S. – 17% (683 violations)
  • Canada – 19% (32 violations)
  • Mexico – 21% (311 violations)
  • North America total – 18% (1,026 violations)

Category 4. Reinforcement ply is visible, and ply is completely frayed, severed or cut through. An out-of-service infraction.

  • U.S. – 13% (520 violations)
  • Canada – 8% (14 violations)
  • Mexico – 2% (33 violations)
  • North America total – 10% (567 violations)

Category 5. Wear extends through reinforcement ply to inner rubber layer. An out-of-service infraction.

  • U.S. – 9% (343 violations)
  • Canada – 9% (15 violations)
  • Mexico – 1% (16 violations)
  • North America total – 7% (374 violations) LL


 Compare the 2021 Brake Safety Week data to last year’s data.

Here are this year’s results from CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week.


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