More waivers issued due to Hurricane Ian

September 29, 2022

Land Line Staff


In the wake of Hurricane Ian, two more states have issued separate emergency declarations providing relief of regulatory requirements.

Making landfall as a Category 4 storm, Hurricane Ian has left over 2.6 million Florida energy customers without power. Severe flooding remains a major concern after reports of two feet of rain.

During a news conference on Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis said, “The impacts of this storm are historic and the damage that was done has been historic … We’ve never seen a flood event like this,” according to an ABC News report.

Georgia emergency

Georgia enacted its order on the morning of Sept. 29, and it will remain effective through Oct. 28.

Heavy rainfall, damaging winds, storm surge and flooding are all possible in Georgia, according to the order.

To combat supply chain disruptions, the Georgia emergency allows the Georgia Department of Transportation and Georgia Department of Public Safety to “take all necessary action to ensure the expeditious movement of utility vehicles, equipment, and personnel through the state to eliminate power outages.”

Tennessee waiver

The Tennessee Department of Revenue has granted a temporary suspension of International Registration Plan and International Fuel Tax Agreement fees for any motor vehicles engaged in interstate disaster relief efforts of traveling through the state as part of the disaster relief.

Begun Sept. 28, the suspension is effective through Oct. 27.

The order does not allow any vehicle to operate in Tennessee without a valid registration and insurance from its base state. Vehicles operating under this order are also not allowed to exceed weight limits or any other restrictions not specified by this declaration. LL