Mississippi bills would revise commercial driving rules

May 28, 2020

Keith Goble


Multiple bills halfway through the Mississippi statehouse cover commercial driving issues including household goods movers, super loads and CDL renewals.

One House-approved bill is intended to clarify responsibility for loss or damage to items transported by household goods carriers.

Mississippi law specifies that carriers of household goods provide “safe and adequate service, equipment and facilities” for the transportation of household goods.

Rep. Charles Busby, R-Jackson, is behind a bill that would add that common and contract carriers of household goods are strictly liable for the loss or damage to household goods transported.

The bill, HB1457, is in the Senate Energy and the Judiciary, Division A committees.

Super loads

A separate House-approved commercial driving bill sponsored by Rep. Busby covers super loads.

The bill, HB1456, would authorize any law enforcement officer of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety or any enforcement officer of the Mississippi Department of Transportation to be permitted to escort any vehicle designated as a super load vehicle.

The state defines super loads as any vehicle that exceeds any of the following limits:

  • Overall width 17 feet.
  • Overall length 120 feet.
  • Overall height 15 feet, 7 inches.
  • Gross weight of 189,999 pounds or more.

Escorts would be required to be performed in marked law enforcement vehicles with operating blue lights.

The bill is in the Senate Highways and Transportation Committee. The Senate version, SB2660, is in the House Transportation Committee. The House previously approved it.

Online CDL renewals

One more House-approved commercial driving bill would have the Department of Public Safety set up for online renewals of commercial driver’s licenses.

The agency also would be responsible for uploading medical card information to the Commercial Driver License Information System within five days of receiving the updated medical information. A requirement would be included for license holders to be notified by regular mail or electronically within 24 hours of the information being uploaded.

The bill, HB1372, is in the Senate Highways and Transportation Committee.

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Keith Goble

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