Minnesota McDonald’s has a big truck drive-thru

April 2, 2020

Wendy Parker


They may not be abundant, but there are fast food drive-thrus with the capability of serving big rigs.

The McDonald’s in Chisholm, Minn., has an abundantly large parking lot, and an outside lane in the drive-thru that can accommodate a tractor-trailer. The truck-friendly restaurant is located off of Highway 169 and offers the same quick service to big trucks as they do passenger vehicles.

Chisholm, Minn., McDonald’s, courtesy Google Maps
The McDonald’s in Chisholm, Minn., has an outside lane in the drive-thru that can accommodate a tractor-trailer.

If you choose to park and eat inside the cab, you can enjoy views of Iron Man Memorial Park. The giant edifice memorializes miners with an impressive statue soaring 85 feet above beautifully manicured grass.

It’s a great stop if you happen to be in the area.

Back to the real world where most fast food drive-thru windows can’t accommodate big trucks.

On March 23, McDonald’s senior vice president of operations, Bill Garrett issued a statement thanking the truck drivers of America. The post, titled “Supporting Truck Drivers of America” includes this statement:

Due to local regulations and unprecedented business conditions, the majority of our locations are limited to drive-thru, take out and McDelivery. Our guests are welcome to join us inside the restaurant and take their meal with them. However, at some locations, only drive-thru and McDelivery are available. We realize that you can’t bring your rig through the drive-thru and for safety reasons, we cannot accept walk up orders at the drive-thru window.”


Garrett went on to ask drivers to download the McDonald’s mobile order and pay app. (You can follow this link to detailed instructions.) This link enables drivers to complete no-touch payment and have walk-up curbside service for food delivery.

Social media posts indicating that drivers had recently been turned away at McDonald’s within Pilot Flying J locations were addressed by the company in an email to Land Line.

“The McDonald’s restaurants at our locations are not operated by Pilot Flying J. However, we are in communication with McDonald’s, and they ensure us that they are doing their best to remain open to provide hot meals to our guests as long as local, state, and federal authorities allow. Unfortunately, in some locations, they have been required to close takeout service from inside and are limited to drive-thru service only. McDonald’s has recently launched delivery at the diesel pumps via McDonald’s mobile app in order to serve you better. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

If you have personal experience in being turned away, the McDonald’s corporate communications asks that you make a report on the customer service: line.

McDonald’s and Pilot Flying J continue to make every effort to serve those who keep America rolling and will make every effort to address complaints, per their public relations departments.

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