Michelin launches new trailer tire and cloud-based service platform

August 12, 2020

Tyson Fisher


Michelin has recently announced its new trailer tire that it considers its most fuel-efficient model to date: Michelin X One Line Energy T2.
Michelin X One Line Energy T2
According to a news release, the X One Line Energy T2 is for dry-van, refrigerated and tanker applications. Michelin claims the new trailer tire can increase fuel savings through an 11% lower rolling resistance when used in the trailer position. Additionally, it can increase revenue by carrying up to 287 more pounds of payload.

The SmartWay-verified X One Line Energy T2 features a tread design that helps prevent irregular wear. A dual-compound tread consists of a mileage top layer that controls tread stiffness and stress to reduce irregular wear. A fuel-efficient bottom layer minimizes internal casing temperatures for low rolling resistance.

The trailer tire comes in 445/50R22.5 tire size. Michelin’s X One Total Satisfaction Guarantee is included with the X One Line Energy T2.

“The trailer-wheel position is a challenging position for long-haul tire design,” Adam Murphy, Michelins’ vice president of B2B marketing, said in a statement. “The free-rolling wheel position is subject to variable loads, less maintenance and irregular wear.”

Michelin’s new cloud-based platform

Michelin has also announced a new digital cloud-based platform called Maestro. According to a news release, Maestro creates “a stronger, more effective working relationship between service providers, fleets and Michelin.”

Maestro streamlines the relationships between service providers, fleets and Michelin with real-time digitization that reduces billing errors. Furthermore, Maestro will improve timeliness and service turnaround time. Scheduling and real-time communication features maximize productivity for servicing vehicles and planning for future loads. Maestro users will know when a vehicle will be ready and the final cost of services.

“Fleets frequently struggle with efficient ways to optimize planning and schedule service work to maximize uptime for their vehicles. Service providers often feel challenged by the cumbersome and complex daily administrative tasks they need to manage to run business operations effectively,” Ralph Dimenna, global director of Michelin Services and Solutions, said in a statement. “The development of Maestro positions Michelin to become one of the leading brokers of service relationship management solutions to commercial fleets and service providers.”

Tyson Fisher

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