MATS 2018: Mack Anthem raising the roof, eyebrows

March 22, 2018

Jami Jones


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Mack Anthem, introduced in September 2017, recently began rolling off the production lines, and more than 500 units are in service or on the lots ready for a new home.

Mack Anthem
Despite the high-tech engine and attention to driver comfort, the Mack Anthem still looks like it means serious trucking business.

Riding a new truck order boom that has Mack with more orders already in 2018 than all of 2017, the Anthem is leading the pack in popularity. The truck is focused on driver needs and fuel economy. It boasts anywhere from an 8.8 percent to 11 percent improvement in fuel economy over the Mack Pinnacle axle back configuration.

Do not be fooled that such numbers came at the abandonment of the rough and rugged Mack appearance. While smoothed and rethought, the Anthem remains true to its roots. This is a truck that still looks like it means serious trucking business.

Inside, the 70-inch, stand up sleeper gives drivers and passengers room to move around freely without bumping into things and knocking their heads on cabinets. The sturdy construction of the storage spaces add to the Mack renowned durability.

Featured prominently in Mack’s booth 34105 in the South Wing of the Mid-America Trucking Show, it features a cutaway of the sleeper, a full view of the engine and drive train, and plenty of different Mack Anthems in various paint and configuration schemes.

Mack Anthem sleeper
The Mack Anthem’s 70-inch, stand up sleeper lets drivers and passengers move around without bumping into things and knocking their heads on cabinets.

Amping up the virtual experience we are offering here, conveniently, Mack introduced a website where anyone can build and spec their own Mack Anthem (or Granite). Pick your color, drive train, fairing configurations, etc. Spec it out, share it online, and print the spec sheet for a Mack dealer to quote you a price.

Try it out here at Build.MackTrucks.Com.


Land Line‘s Suzanne Stempinski has road-tested the Mack Anthem.