Make your voice heard in D.C.

May 23, 2019

Land Line Staff


The trucking industry today faces an ever-increasing number of regulations and mandates. That is why it is essential that the experiences, views, and voices of professional truck drivers and small business owners who truly represent the trucking industry are heard. Your voice needs to be heard.

To that end, the OOIDA Foundation offers brief instruction on how to submit comments online to the variety of notices, information collection requests, and final rules that are published in the Federal Register.

OOIDA offers a webpage with brief, easy to follow instructions. That is followed by a short list of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration docket items that are coming up that address trucking issues. There is a link for commenting and also to get information from the government.

Make your voice heard. It makes a difference. OOIDA needs your help in its fight for the rights of all truckers.