Lucas Oil designs semitruck for Monster Jam events

December 6, 2021

Land Line Staff


A new Lucas Oil semitruck has been designed for Monster Jam events starting in January.

The Lucas Stabilizer’s semitruck body style is a design first for Monster Jam.

The semitruck body style is a nod to the history of Lucas Oil. The name commemorates the first product that Lucas Oil founders Forrest and Charlotte Lucas marketed, Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. It was designed to provide added protection to vital engine components and keep trucks running better and longer. At the time, Forrest Lucas was a truck driver and freight broker.

Corona, Calif.-based Lucas Oil was founded in 1989.

The Lucas monster truck design is an homage to Forrest Lucas’s classic Peterbilt heavy-duty hauler. The company’s incorporation date shows up as the U.S. DOT number on the door panel. The design incorporates specific elements and accessories typical of semitrucks, such as classic chrome fuel tanks, chrome exhaust stacks, air cleaners and a bold heavy-duty grill.

You can view the Lucas Stabilizer in this 3D 360 degree video.

Lucas Oil Products is the official Monster Jam oil.

Professional driver Cynthia Gauthier is signed to take the wheel for the Lucas Stabilizer’s inaugural season. She is a motorsports veteran, multiseries driver, welder and mechanic, and she was named the 2019 Monster Jam High Jump Champion.

“This season will certainly be a special one for us. We are celebrating our 10-year partnership with Monster Jam and honoring the incredible history of the Lucas brand with our investment in the Lucas Stabilizer, an iconic symbol of American industry and work ethic,” said Melissa Wonser, vice president of marketing at Lucas Oil. “When Forrest and Charlotte Lucas started Lucas Oil, Charlotte was there every step of the way, so it was important for us to recognize her influence on the company. That’s why Cynthia is the perfect fit as a driver and ambassador for the brand.”

The Lucas Stabilizer will make its debut in the Monster Jam Stadium Championship Series Red in January. Events are planned for St. Louis; Tampa, Fla.; Minneapolis; Indianapolis; Milwaukee; Philadelphia; Arlington, Texas; San Antonio; Biloxi, Miss.; Pensacola, Fla.; Denver; and Detroit. LL

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