Love’s Travel Stops warns truckers of potential EFS code scam

May 25, 2023

Tyson Fisher


Love’s Travel Stops is warning truckers of a potential scam occurring at some of its locations.

According to a letter sent out to Love’s customers, scammers are targeting fleets by trying to retrieve their electronic funds source code.

Specifically, scammers are taking note of which trucks are being serviced at Love’s. While the driver is waiting, someone calls the carrier claiming to be from Love’s. The scammer will tell the carrier that the ShopConnect system is down and Love’s cannot process the invoice. From there, the scammer will ask the carrier for its EFS code so they can issue an EFS check for payment and close out the work order.

However, Love’s states it will never ask customers for their EFS code for that purpose.

“Love’s will never ask you to provide your EFS code due to ShopConnect being down,” the letter states. “We are able to process invoices when ShopConnect is down, which is less than 1% of the time. Further, if ShopConnect is down, a work order cannot be closed outside of the ShopConnect system.”

Love’s encourages customers to contact their sales representative for assistance any time they have an issue with ShopConnect. The truck stop chain reminds customers to never disclose their EFS code to anyone other than their own drivers.

In an email to its partners, Seaford, Del.-based Trinity Logistics has noted that even though Love’s is the only truck stop to have reported the EFS scam, it is possible that a similar scam is happening at other truck stops and maintenance shops. LL

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