Longtime employee charged with embezzling from Indiana trucking company

December 19, 2022

Land Line Staff


A longtime employee of an Indiana trucking company and her husband have been arrested on suspicion of embezzling money from the company, Coogle Enterprises, over several years.

Indiana State Police last week arrested Toni Walter, 56, and Donald Walter Jr., 57, both residing in Attica, Ind., on suspicion of multiple felony theft charges from Otterbein, Ind.-based Coogle Enterprises.

Toni Walter was a longtime employee of Coogle Trucking, a company affiliated with Coogle Enterprises. She also worked as office manager and accountant for Coogle Truck and Trailer Sales and C&C Excavating. The businesses are owned by Larry G. Coogle. Coogle Trucking was founded in 1987.

Toni Walter reportedly quit the company in August. Donald Walter never worked for the company.

According to the arrest warrant, Toni Walter has been charged with corrupt business influence (Level 5 felony); two counts of money laundering (Level 5 felony); five counts of theft; Level 6 felony theft; and counterfeiting (Level 6 felony).

Charges listed on the arrest warrant for Donald Walter were corrupt business influence (Level 5 felony); money laundering (Level 5 felony); five counts of aiding, inducing or causing theft (Level 5 felony); aiding, inducing or causing theft (Level 6 felony); and money laundering (Level 6 felony).

The couple has not been convicted of the charges. Bond has been posted and a court date is expected in January, according to the county website.

Indiana State Police detectives began to investigate allegations of embezzlement in July. Findings from the execution of search warrants show that more than $500,000 had been stolen from the company since 2017.

Toni Walter used several methods of embezzling money from Coogle Enterprises, according to WCI News, including writing unauthorized checks to herself and her husband.

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