Live From Exit 24 recap: Broker issues detailed

December 16, 2020

SJ Munoz


Broker transparency, confidentiality agreements, load disputes and minimum insurance requirements were all addressed on the latest episode of “Live From Exit 24.”

“Live From Exit 24” host Mike Matousek welcomed Jason Craig, director of government affairs for C.H. Robinson of Eden Prairie, Minn., to the Wednesday, Dec. 16 episode.

Craig, who’s been at C.H. Robinson 24 years, opened his session by recognizing the efforts of OOIDA members and drivers throughout the industry.

“This has been a really tough year and we appreciate everything OOIDA members have done,” he said. “I’ve got a great relationship with and have a lot of respect for OOIDA.”

The bulk of the discussion between Matousek and Craig centered on broker transparency and 49 CFR 371.3.

“I’ve been involved in these discussions for almost 20 years,” Craig said. “A lot of things have changed. It was important that all parties have visibility and everyone be in touch with market rates. There’s as much visibility now as there ever has been.

“C.H. Robinson spends a lot of time and effort surveying our carriers and getting feedback. We want to know what’s most important to them and learn how we can improve. We have the personal touch and services of smaller brokers and provide clear metrics so carriers can see where they stand. We know and understand the business and value what’s important to drivers.”

Craig closed by mentioning the shared interest of C.H. Robinson and OOIDA as it relates to minimum insurance requirements among topics in Washington D.C.

Benefits of OOIDA membership

Lewie Pugh, OOIDA executive vice president, and Nancy Thompson from the membership department at OOIDA, were also guests on this week’s show. Pugh and Thompson explained what drivers receive with their OOIDA membership and why it’s advantageous to become a member; such as insurance, healthcare benefits and the more than 90 discounts and rebates. They also discussed the significance of the OOIDA compliance department and how the open-door policy at OOIDA gives members opportunities to not only learn more, but voice their opinions and/or concerns. Finally, the importance of OOIDA having a presence in Washington D.C. was covered.

“Live From Exit 24,” is scheduled for 11 a.m. Central every other Wednesday. Listeners can tune in to the show on the Live From Exit 24 website, OOIDA Facebook page or on OOIDA’s YouTube channel. The next episode airs Wednesday, Dec. 30.


“Live From Exit 24” launched this year as a way to expand OOIDA’s communication with members and to hear directly from drivers across the industry. OOIDA is asking for truck drivers to fill out a survey to let the Association know how you are liking the show so far. The survey is here. LL