Latest OOOIDA Foundation video covering Unified Carrier Registration available now

March 5, 2021

Land Line Staff


The fourth installment of the OOIDA Foundation’s, “Getting Your Own Authority,” video series offers driver information on Unified Carrier Registration.

The UCR is an interstate agreement that replaced the Single State Registration System. The agreement governs the collection and distribution of registration information, such as a carrier’s operating authority and proof of insurance, and generated fees. Though not all states participate in the agreement, all states are required to enforce it.

“While many would argue that the UCR is essentially a tax that has lived out its purpose, it’s still mandatory for all interstate motor carriers as well as those entities who are required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,” the video said.

UCR registration typically opens Oct. 1 and is due by the following Jan. 1

Fees, base state, fines and penalties for outdated UCR also were addressed in the video.

If you missed part three or any videos in the OOIDA Foundation’s “authority” series, visit OOIDA’s Business Education YouTube Channel.

Stay tuned

The OOIDA Foundation plans to publish more videos to provide greater outreach to both members and nonmembers. LL